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Deuteronomy 1:8

Deuteronomy 1:8 (ESV): 8 See, I have set the land before you. Go in and take possession of the land that the Lord swore to your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give to them and to their offspring after them.’

You are partnered with God in life.  He will blaze the trail for you but He will not walk on it for you.  That is our part to play.  God is faithful to do what only He can do.  We must be faithful to do our part.

Moses reminds the people of Israel that it was God who set the land before them to possess. Only He can do this. He has gone before them and already conquered the enemy psychologically. They must now confront their enemies physically and take possession of the land.  It is God’s to give and theirs to take.  The promise given to Abraham is about to come to fruition.  All the people of Israel have to do is walk according to the plan.

Do you find yourself frustrated with the plan today?  Are you waiting on God to do what only you can do?   Most of the time God has already instructed us with the next steps.  All we have to do is walk the path He has set before us. Stop waiting for God to do your part.  If He has told you to possess the land, then possess it!  He won't do that for you.  There is a time to wait and a time to go.  You do your part for God will certainly do His!

Father,  we thank You that we can rest easy in Your plan.  Embolden us to walk by Your instruction.  May we never get ahead or lag too far behind You. Keep us in step with Your Spirit we pray in Jesus' name, amen.

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