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1 Samuel 18:28-29

1 Samuel 18:28–29 (ESV): “28 But when Saul saw and knew that the Lord was with David, and that Michal, Saul’s daughter, loved him, 29 Saul was even more afraid of David. So Saul was David’s enemy continually.”

Augustine once said, “Fear is the response of the human heart when its one thing is threatened.”  When we fear because we are threatened we will go to very dark places to protect that which we love.  Beware of letting this kind of fear overtake you.

Saul was afraid of David primarily because the Lord was with him.  God was showing Himself strong through David.  He was feared by his enemies and loved by the people of Israel.  Thus, he became a threat to Saul’s throne so the King offered his daughter Michal’a hand in marriage as a snare (vs 21).  He also made him commander of the army against the Philistines with hopes that he would be killed on the battlefield. Saul did all of this because he felt threatened by David. The worst of man comes out in times like this.

How do you respond when you feel threatened?   Do you revert to the wiles of the flesh or do you press into the Lord?  The fear of man will cause us to do evil.  Guard your heart and fear God alone.  He has the plan.  Surrender yourself to Him and when threats come, trust Him. Don't allow the spirit of Saul to overtake you.  Walk like David in the confidence of the Lord. He is with you. Amen?

Father,  we thank You for giving us faith to trust you in times of fear.  Help us to keep our eyes on You when we are threatened.  Use it for our good we pray in Jesus' name, amen.

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