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1 Samuel 25:34-35

1 Samuel 25:34–35 (ESV): 34 For as surely as the Lord, the God of Israel, lives, who has restrained me from hurting you, unless you had hurried and come to meet me, truly by morning there had not been left to Nabal so much as one male.” 35 Then David received from her hand what she had brought him. And he said to her, “Go up in peace to your house. See, I have obeyed your voice, and I have granted your petition.”

Many a man has been spared hardship and even death because of the actions of an intercessor.  Abigail is an example of what Jesus has done for us.  May we follow the example and intercede for others who have done evil.

When David heard Nabal was in the wilderness of Carmel shearing sheep he sent ten young men to ask that he give them some food.  It was customary during this time to have a feast.  Nabal rejected the request even though David had protected his flock while they were in the wilderness   Abigail, Nabal's wife, knew he had messed up.  She prepared food for David and then made intercession before him on behalf of her husband.  David relented from killing him because of her intercession.

Are you the kind of person who intercedes for someone who has messed up?  Or do you want to see them get what they deserve?   Abigail stepped into Nabal’s mess as a picture of what Jesus does for us regularly.  We all deserve death, and yet Jesus mediated for us.  Pray that God will give you a heart to intercede for those who have messed up.  It is God’s heart to do so.

Father, we thank You for the work of an intercessor.  Give us hearts to operate in the grace that we’ve been given we pray in Jesus' name, amen.

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