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Joshua 3:17

Joshua 3:17 (ESV): 17 Now the priests bearing the ark of the covenant of the Lord stood firmly on dry ground in the midst of the Jordan, and all Israel was passing over on dry ground until all the nation finished passing over the Jordan.

God takes care of the details of our lives. He moves all obstacles in our way so that only He can get the glory. Don't worry about how you will accomplish His will. Simply be obedient and trust Him. He will not fail you.

The Lord told Joshua when they came to the Jordan, which was flooding at this time of year, not to worry about how they would cross. When the feet of the priests, who were carrying the Ark, dipped in the brink of the waters it would pile up. It happened just as the Lord proclaimed and the people of Israel passed over the Jordan on dry ground.

What obstacles stand in the way of the Lord’s will for your life? Perhaps you're standing on the banks of life wondering how you're going to cross the river. The Lord will make a way. If He has called you to cross, He will provide the means to do so. Faith will be required! Take a step into the water and watch the Lord pile it up so you can cross on dry ground. He is the same God yesterday, today, and forever. Trust Him to aid you in accomplishing His will. Amen?

Father, we thank You for giving us accounts of the miraculous that aid in those accomplishing Your will. You will do the same in our lives. Let us fear not but walk by faith to accomplish Your will we pray in Jesus' name, amen.

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