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2 Samuel 16:23

2 Samuel 16:23 (ESV): “23 Now in those days the counsel that Ahithophel gave was as if one consulted the word of God; so was all the counsel of Ahithophel esteemed, both by David and by Absalom.”

Following the counsel of man is a dangerous venture.  No man's counsel is perfect.  We must filter all counsel through the Spirit.  He will keep us safe.

Ahithophel was Bathsheba’s grandfather and a counselor of David known for his wisdom.  After David departed Jerusalem for fear of Absalom, Ahithophel followed Absalom.  He counseled Absalom to defile the king’s concubines which he did.  Furthermore, Ahithophel counseled Absalom to take men and pursue the king and his men while he was weary.  Hushai the Archite counseled Absalom, “This time the counsel that Ahithophel has given is not good.” Absalom agreed and Ahithophel went to his hometown and hung himself.

Did you know even godly counselors make mistakes?  It’s important to run any counsel by the Counselor, who is the Holy Spirit.  Don't blindly walk in man’s counsel.  Pray and ask the Lord to give you discernment. The Lord will not fail to guide you.   He will honor your commitment to seek His will.  We need a multitude of counselors (Prov 11:14) in our lives, but we must never forget that we have the Counselor residing in us.  Depend on Him!

Father, we thank You for godly counselors.  Remind us to run their counsel through the Spirit.  Give us discernment to do Your will we pray in Jesus' name, amen.

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