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Numbers 3:49-51

Numbers 3:49–51 (ESV): 49 So Moses took the redemption money from those who were over and above those redeemed by the Levites. 50 From the firstborn of the people of Israel he took the money, 1,365 shekels, by the shekel of the sanctuary. 51 And Moses gave the redemption money to Aaron and his sons, according to the word of the Lord, as the Lord commanded Moses.

Redemption costs something.  For the Israelites, it was five shekels of silver per every firstborn child.  For you and I, it is the precious blood of Jesus. Never forget Jesus paid the price for your redemption with His blood.

All the people of Israel indeed belonged to God, but the Levities were His chosen servants within the nation. Originally, every firstborn was to be dedicated to His service but that changed at the base of Sinia.  The Levites were the only tribe that did not participate in the worship of the Golden Calf thus this tribe replaced the first-born sons of all of Israel to become the servants of God in the Tabernacle.  Every tribe was now required to pay a redemption fee to the Levites to redeem their firstborns.  This ceremony is known as the “pidyon haben,” or “the redemption of the firstborn.”

Did you know Jesus paid your redemption fee?  Jesus is called the Redeemer because He came to pay the price for our sins.  He bought us back from the clutches of sin and death.  This now qualifies us to become servants of the Most High God. You were bought and paid for with a price far greater than five shekels.  Never forget the redemption price paid on your behalf. Serve Him faithfully, just as He has served you.

Father, we praise Your Holy Name for redeeming us through Your Son. May we serve You well all the days of our lives and point others to the Great Redeemer.  Use us we pray in Jesus' name, Amen.

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