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Numbers 4:22-23

Numbers 4:22–23 (ESV): 22 “Take a census of the sons of Gershon also, by their fathers’ houses and by their clans. 23 From thirty years old up to fifty years old, you shall list them, all who can come to do duty, to do service in the tent of meeting.

To be called a servant of the Most High God is the greatest title known to man. It does not matter what your job duties are. To serve God in any capacity is the most privileged position and one we should cherish.

God instructed Moses regarding the duties of the Levites by clan. All males thirty to fifty were to be numbered among the servants in the Tabernacle. Each family would be assigned specific duties for setting up and tearing down the Tabernacle. They were required to handle the curtains, utensils, furniture, and the like as prescribed by God lest they profane them and die as a result. There was a great sense of reverence and privilege to be a servant, no matter what duties you were to perform.

How do you view serving God in the local church? Do you consider it a sacred privilege or a necessary duty? It is an honor to be able to serve the Lord in His house. Don't get too wrapped up in what you are doing but be amazed that you can serve Him in any capacity. You might be a doorkeeper or a toilet cleaner, the job duties aren’t important. It's who you’re doing it for that matters. Never forget that it's a privilege to serve the Lord. You don't have to, you get to!

Father, we thank You for calling us into Your family and allowing us the privilege to serve You. May we honor You in our hearts in all that we do and help us to never forget we get to do what we do…it is truly a privilege. So thank You, in Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

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